Northfield Area Veterans Memorial

The Memorial

The Northfield Area Veterans Memorial was designed by Jeff Anderson of Anderson Memorials, Inc. in Austin, Minnesota. Jasnoch Construction of Northfield served as the general contractor for the project. The memorial's design places a series of symbolic elements around a central plaza. Two long, perpendicular walkways, connected by arching interior walkways, are lined with engraved paving stones honoring individual veterans from all branches of the United States military, and from many of the eras and conflicts of American military history.

MemorialThe elements of the monument include three spires of staggered heights, representing three stages of American military history: the effort to gain our own freedom; the struggle to maintain our national unity and the freedom of all citizens; and the effort to defend and protect the freedom of others.

Six vertical stone tablets pay tribute to each of the six branches of the United States military: United States Air Force, United States Army, United States Coast Guard, United States Navy, United States Marine Corps and the United States Merchant Marines.

Stone tablets also provide a Wall of Honor memorializing men and women who have given their lives during war time, recognize the suffering and sacrifice of men and women who were prisoners of war or who are missing in action, and a list of the major wars and conflicts in which the United States has engaged. A statue of a soldier, marching home from war, gazes straight ahead, haunted by memories of war. Greeting him are five flags: the flags of United States of America, the State of Minnesota, POWs/MIAs, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion.

The paved walkways, spires, standing tablets, flags, and statue are set in a large, grassy knoll in Riverside Lions Park in Northfield.

The Memorial was named an award- winning design by the Monument Builders of North America. Read more here.

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