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Bill Morson with familyCongratulations on your beautiful Memorial Park. It was by accident that I was in Northfield the day the park was dedicated, and I was fortunate to be one of the thousand plus who witnessed the moving tribute to hundreds of veterans who have served over the years. My family moved from Northfield in 1989, and consequently, although we had some knowledge of the hopes for a park, we were not aware that it was indeed becoming a reality.

My late husband Bill Lund and our family lived in Northfield for over ten years after Bill retired from the U.S.A.F. Bill was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant upon graduation from St. Olaf College for the next twenty plus years served in many parts of the world, including Vietnam. Tragically Bill was killed when his Lear Jet he was flying crashed in 1985.

I just recently heard you will be installing more memorial stones on Memorial Day and am hoping that Bill’s stone can be included in that group… it will be the 50th class reunion of Bill’s St. Olaf class that weekend, and consequently 50 years since Bill received his commission in the U.S.A.F.

Karen Lund-Brust

December 12, 2006

Our mother, Marguerite Czysz, passed away one year ago today, and we want everyone involved in this project to know how much the memorial meant to her, as our brother Patrick passed away during the Vietnam War and is remembered at the memorial.

We were able to take her to the dedication of the memorial last year which was just a short time before she passed away. She truly enjoyed the program and was extremely proud that Pat’s name was there. I truly believe that her attendance at that program was so important to her that it “kept her going” during a time when she was quite ill.

The people of Northfield should be very proud of this memorial as it is truly a beautiful and very worthwhile addition to a fine city.


Michael Czysz and Kathy Reside


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